(…) we here have an art only apparently spontaneous. There is instead, a tightly controlled structure of the picture, organised with strict consequentiality, and sometimes with large, solid, organicity. Luciano Caramel
In front of Renata Rampazzi's canvas we are asked to look inside ourselves. The truth which they evoke is not a transcendent truth, but rather an interior truth: immanent, carnal, empirical, individual. A truth varying depending on the viewer. Raphaël Enthoven
This combination of threa t and languor is quite unsettling. This coagulating and dissolving of colours in the figurative navel of the paintings … as if to chase away this ever-looming danger of chaos, framing it onto the canvas. Dacia Maraini
 (…) sensitive, sensual, even carnal, like the languid gentleness of an embrace, the indescribable delicacy of a caress. Vittorio Sgarbi
Renata Rampazzi's style is easily recognized after seeing only a few of her paintings. She has created an universe of abstract images, where every piece is perfectly and coherently placed alongside another. This conjures up an artistic and even philosophical experience. Her art meditation springs from a profound feeling for unity between the elements. Claudio Strinati
While her world is rooted in abstract Expressionism, with her shapeless chromatic disposition of volumes and some remnants of gestural expressiveness, Rampazzi's art is carefully pondered, coming to life only through radiance and reflections. Tommaso Trini
The firmly symbolic and evocative quality of Rampazzi's colour-images opens onto a visionary, oneiric, psychoanalytical world, turning each painting into landscapes of the profound. Lorenza Trucchi
Painting means for Renata Rampazzi embarking on a great « journey » through a voluptuous land of adventure where the artist encounters Eros and Chaos. Marisa Vescovo
Some time I think that the matrix of Renata Rampazzi’s work is made by the thunderbolt, light and clouds of The Tempest by Giorgione, and by its abstract and enigmatic power. The theme of the art of Renata Rampazzi is this enigma continously renewed by the events either of the world and of ourselves. “To not understand is beautiful”. George Steiner affirms, adding:”To ask questions is the oxigen of being”. Olivier Kaeppelin